The present conditions are agreed upon by Du Mai International bvba (hereafter called Life Projects Shop) the private company with limited liability BE 0864.101.041, with registered office at Drapstraat 13a - 9220 Hamme - Belgium and everyone who wishes to purchase by means of the site of hereafter called "the User".

The general conditions set out below (hereafter "general conditions") exclusively regulate the contractual relations between all users of the site Life Projects Shop (hereafter "user" or "you"), and the salesperson Life Projects Shop

These general sales conditions are the only applicable conditions and replace all other conditions, save prior explicit and written alteration. Life Projects Shop can be persuaded to alter specific conditions of the general conditions. Therefore it is necessary to reread these before each visit to the site of We assume that you, at validating your order, accept the applicability of our general conditions.

2. Ordering

Life Projects Shop is an online shop in media; like audio and video and other products which supprt the workshops given by Life Projects, which by means of can be viewed. The online order can only be processed when the User has clearly identified himself.

Each order assumes the acceptance of the present general sales conditions, as well as of the prices (cf. Article 5) and the description of the product for sale.

Before placing your order you get, by means of the shopping cart, an overview of the total costs, including the shipping costs.

Upon receiving the order, we immediately send a summary by email as confirmation.

All offers, orders and agreements made through the website, are done to the exclusion of any other general conditions.

A deviation from the Provisions contained in these conditions can only be made in writing. If a deviation from any part of these General Conditions occurs, the remaining provisions will remain in force.

An agreement is made upon the customer's acceptance of the offer on our website. Life Projects Shop is authorized to refuse orders and to request additional information. If an order is not accepted, a notification is sent to the customer with mention of the reason for rejection.

3. Tracking an order

We keep you apprised by email when the status of your order changes. Each change in the status of your order is announced e.g. the time when the article is sent to you.

4. Payment

We want to make payment easy, reliable and safe. For that purpose we have selected several payment systems to make direct online payment as well as offline payment possible.

For the customers who do not wish to pay online we offer the possibility of payment in advance. This means that you can pay by means of a transfer form of your bank or by means of telebanking. Pay attention, the order is only sent after your payment has been received. For customers who wish to pay online we offer bankcontact/mistercash, IDEAL, paypal, Maestro, Mastercard, VISA and credit card as payment systems. Customers in possession of a MasterCard or VISA card can pay online with their credit card at Life Projects Shop. Multisafepay ( Life Projects Shop.Multisafepay processes all payments according to the highest requirements in the field of data protection, privacy and reliability. Term of payment: In case of payment by means of remittance by bank or giro the full amount of your payment must be received by Life Projects Shop within 5 working days (Monday - Friday except Sundays and public holidays) of the order date. During this period the articles are reserved online. If this is not possible within the prescribed period for any reason whatsoever, you can you inform us of this in avance and we will reserve the article a while longer, provided that this period is reasonable. Personal discount codes can only be used by the person to whose name the code is registered. If your payment is not received within the prescribed period of time and there is no notification, the reservation expires. Without notification or payment Life Projects Shop will cancel the order and release the article for sale again. For payment by means of invoice, the payment must be completed within 14 days of receiving the article. If an invoice is still not paid, Life Projects Shop has the right to refuse you payment by means of invoice in the future.

5. Prices

The sales prices indicated on the site are all taxes inclusive, but without shipping costs. Those possible costs are calculated during the ordering process.

We reserve the right to alter the prices at any given time but we are committed to the prices indicated on the website at the moment of your order.

Life Projects Shop cannot be held to prices which have evidently been listed erroneously as a result of typing or printing errors. No rights may be derived from incorrect price information.

6. Delivery

Life Projects Shop strives to deliver all orders within 5 working days of receiving them. We are under no obligation to do this. The delivery date is the day when the customer receives the product.

With delays longer than 10 working days, caused by (temporarily) not being in storage or other reasons will be reported to the customer by email. In this case, the customer has the right to cancel the order free of charge.

We reserve the right of deviations in colour, type, text and/or price changes. Offered goods and/or services are clearly and truthfully displayed and/or described and as complete as reasonably required.

Life Projects Shop is not responsibly for delays, loss or damage due to the transport company. Shipping charges are (unless otherwise mentioned) not included in the prices stated. Before closing the agreement the total price, shipping charges included, is communicated through our website.

Customs and import duties:

For orders outside the EU it may be necessary to pay import duties. Check if any extra import duties are charged to your order. Taxes and other customs related costs are at the expense of the customer. Import duties, taxes and other customs costs will be collected by the transport company at delivery.

Suppliers are not accountable for delays caused by the customs authorities in your country.

7. Retentions of title

Title to the products passes only on the basis of the agreement with Life Projects Shop, after all amounts due to Life Projects Shop have been paid. The risk related to the products is transferred to the customer upon delivery.

8. Cancelling an order

If you have placed an order but later decide to waive it, you can cancel the order free of charge within 24 h after validation. You may cancel by sending an email with the mention "cancellation order xxx", where xxx represents the order number which you received by confirmation email. You can also use the withdrawal form.

9. Returns

Life Projects Shop endeavours to deliver a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with the order, you can return/exchange (part of) the ordered articles . For this purpose we have a return form.

You may return articles by sending an email, within 14 working days of receiving the order, through our contact form. Return is confirmed by Life Projects Shop through email.

Return policy;
All articles* may be exchanged/returned if you have notified Life Projects Shop by means of an email through our contact form no later than 14 days after receiving the product and if the following conditions have been met;

For returning products, the following conditions shall apply:

Register in advance
You must always register in advance if you wish to return or exchange an article. Report the return/exchange through our contact form. Within 1 working day we will confirm with return instructions.

Costs for return shipments are for the customer.

Return instructions
After applying for a return you will send the item back at your own expense with the return form in an annex. With your return you must mention your order number, name and if paid by means of remittance: bank/giro account number or IBAN/BIC code. Payments by creditcard are returned to your ordinary account number.

Return period
The article should have been delivered to Life Projects Shop at the latest within 14 working days (Monday - Friday except Sundays and public holidays). Returns sent outside the above mentioned return period will not be accepted unless previously agreed upon.

Conditions for returns
The article must be in the original state of shipping, unworn, unused, fragrance-free and not carrying traces of sigarette smoke and usage. Labels should still be attached. Packaging should be undamaged and in impeccable condition. Articles with torn/damaged packaging which can no longer be sold in our opinion cannot be returned. Shoes can of course be fitted indoors, but can no longer be returned after they have been worn outside the home. Please keep in mind that no excessive amount of fragrance is used when trying on the clothing, that no make-up stains the clothing or that the article is damaged by jewelry. Life Projects Shop reserves the right to refuse and/or charge a compensation for repair or for the depreciation in value of the article on the basis of the aforementioned points.

Confirmation of return receipt and crediting of the purchase amount
After receiving your order we will inspect it for aforementioned points. You will receive an email as soon as possible and at the latest within 3 working days of receiving the return article, Life Projects Shop will refund the purchase amount immediately and at the latest within 2 working days after receiving the return article. A refund is excluding the charged shipping costs**. Costs for return shipment are at the expense of the customer.

Return shipments must be sufficiently stamped at all times. These costs are on own account. Return shipments which have not been stamped sufficiently will always be refused.

We are not responsible for loss of return shipments. The customer is responsible for neatly packing and sending the return shipment.

* With the exception of books, underwear (panties), earrings, make-up and leg wear concerning hygiene
** Shipping charges of free shipping orders are, of course, not refunded.

10. Force majeur

In case of force majeur (not due to Life Projects Shop), Life Projects Shop has the right to terminate the contract without judicial intervention, provided that this occurs with a written notice.

11. Liability

Annulment of your order

You may cancel your order at any time, without a given reason and without payment of a fine, provided that the article has not yet been sent. If the article has been sent then the normal return policies are applied.
We appreciate it if you inform us of your annulment as soon as possible. This is possible by email through our contact form (please mention your order number).


The purchaser has the right , in accordance with the law on buying at a distance, to revoke the order of new article within 14 days of receiving the order, without payment of a fine and without a given reason. The purchaser thus has the possibility of getting the order amount restituted. In this case Life Projects Shop will refund the costs already charged for the delivery to the delivery address.

For this you must get in touch with Life Projects Shop within 14 days of receiving the product at the delivery address. In this email your name, order number and (if applicable) bank details should be mentioned. You should also mention your wish to cancel the order in accordance with the law on buying at a distance. If your request fulfills the requirementes stated above, you will receive a confirmation at the latest within 2 working days.

The article must be returned at the expense of the customer at the lastest within 5 working days of receiving the product at the delivery address. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have received and processed your shipment. Upon completion, refund of the order amount (minus the shipping costs) by Life Projects Shop will take place at the latest within 5 working days of receiving the return shipment.

All liability concerning the articles falls within the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Immediately after receiving the order the customer should check the goods for flaws and communicate them in writing to Life Projects Shop.

The contents of is carefully constructed. Life Projects Shop cannot exclude that certain information is incorrect or incomplete. As a result, Life Projects Shop cannot be held responsible.

Life Projects Shop has only an obligation to use best endeavours regarding access to the site, the entire order process, the delivery or the other services.

Life Projects Shop cannot be held responsible for burden or damage experienced through the use of internet, specifically a system failure, outsider interference or viruses or whichever fact that is considered by the law as force majeur.

Life Projects Shop guarantees that the elements, services and functions made available to the user, if they are used in accordance with the given instructions, are in accordance with the general conditions and that the software and all elements sent by through an internet server are stored on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies store information on previous visits of the user to the site.

12. Complaints

Life Projects Shop undertakes to treat your complaint within 30 days of it being made. The customer may send the complaint in writing to Life Projects Shop, Drapstraat 13a - 9220 Hamme - Belgium. Complaints concerning delivery of your order
We commit ourselves to deliver a good product. Upon receiving the order you should inspect the goods and immediately communicate possible flaws by email. If an article is not delivered in accordance with your order or does not match the description on our website, it should be communicated to us. This can be done by contacting us by telephone (on work days Monday-Friday, except Sundays and public holidays between 9 AM and 5 PM) or by sending an email through our contact form Please mention the order number.

We value service very highly, if something is not in order or the product is not to your satisfaction (of course within a reasonable period after your purchase), you may always contact us! We will do our very best to offer you the best possible solution!

Quality of the articles:
It can of course occur that the quality of an article of clothing is not to your staifaction (anymore) after a period of use, for example the article of clothing shows signs of extreme wear after a short period of usage, a button or zipper is broken or you observe that the article does not remain the same after washing.

Clothing should be washed according to the washing instructions found on the label, if you choose or have chosen a different washing method, your complaint will at all times be held to be unfounded.

If you have such a complaint concerning the article that you have bought with us, we would gladly learn of it. You can contact us on working days by telephone (Monday-Friday, except Sundays and public holidays between 9 AM and 5 PM) or by email through our contact form.

13. Disputes Committee

All legal disputes will only be presented to the competent judge in Courtrai, Belgium.

14. Privacy policy

Life Projects Shop is the only one with access to the information provided by you and the information will only be used for Life Projects Shop related activities. Under absolutely no condition is your personal data passed on to third parties, this in accordance with the European texts and Belgian laws (the law of 8 December 1992).