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Alchemie van Bodywork - The Deep Dive

Alchemie van Bodywork - The Deep Dive

All sessions : 

  1. Sinking into the earth body.
  2. Letting the water rise.
  3. The embodied soul.
  4. Awakening the cosmic mind within.

The 4 initiations consist of audio and video parts.

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Alchemie van Bodywork - The Deep Dive

All sessions : 

  1. Sinking into the earth body.  Surrendering to the dark, being in the sea of unconsciousness.
  2. Letting the water rise. Awakening the source of vitality.
  3. The embodied soul. Completing your incarnation. Awakening of the true light.
  4. Awakening the cosmic mind within.

The 4 initiations consist of audio and video parts.

IMPORTANT: By buying this sessions, you agree that you will use the recordings for personal use only and not share them with others in any way.

A deep dive into experiencing the ‘true’ body. 

For awakened individuals, bodyworkers, healers and coaches.

One of the greatest illusions on the spiritual path is the idea that we are all stuck in the 3th dimension and need to evolve to the 4th and 5th to become free beings. This idea sets you of on an endless search in increasingly higher frequencies, but further and further away from the earth, the physical body, the divine feminine principle and….the place that ‘Life’ has chosen for you. 

Alchemy of Bodywork is the art of conscious touch, sprung from what bodywork in origin is. Understanding this origin opens up an often forgotten source of feminine vitality, which is dormant in the darkness of the body.

The effortless way to awaken this vitality is by asking the great mother (represented by earth) to embrace us. We do this by being still and fully present in her vital darkness, where the true light and Life are constantly born. 

Modern humans cannot sink inside the darkness, because they have stored all their fears and illusion in a mysterious place known as the underworld. Ancient alchemy masters from traditions all over the planet knew, that the principle of life manifesting in existence works through yang being embraced by yin. Without being fully present in this yin, life becomes complicated and superficial. It is the great drama of these times. Most modern humans are like lost sperms swimming into the world without any present memory of the egg.

The classes are actually initiations that help you to sink deeper into the depth of your earth body, but also to help others from this state with simple pure touch. To help your friends and beloved ones, or to use in a professional context. We often call them the Body/heal/coaches. This can create a big shift in their experience of touch and energetic communication. 

During these initiations I will take you through the different stages of this deep incarnation process, the ‘awakening of Life inside of you’ . It can make a big shift in your consciousness and presence. You just need a sincere longing for this awakening. Bodywork, healing and coaching seem to be 3 different things, but for the alchemist it are simply 3 different ways of touch, with the focus either on the physical, the energetic/soul or the mental/emotional level.

Very few of them, yes even the bodyworkers, know from their own experience what the body is. This makes them, just like the healers, light workers. Having an inability to sink into the dark energy that the body and the earth represent. This causes unnecessary complication and superficial vitality. ‘Healing’ is simply becoming ‘one’ and resonating with the unified field. It is the most natural thing.

In these 4 sessions I will guide you from my experience, energy and consciousness through the 4 different stages of sinking into the ‘true body’ and letting life awaken and express itself from that sacred space.

I will do this through a meditatively spoken text and meditation, followed by a guided practice that you can use during a session with a friend or client. It is advised to repeat the meditations and practice to learn how to apply it yourself. 

These initiations are very powerful. You should not practice this when you are emotionally and mentally unstable. Participation and applying this on other people is completely at your own risk. The 4 initiations will give you a deep experience of what Alchemy of Bodywork is. If you want to learn how to deepen this state and apply it in sessions, our 5 bodywork modules are indispensable.

So while this is not for everybody, at the same time, many healers and bodyworkers are looking for this information. So feel free to share this with the people that you feel are ready for this.